Budgeting for “change-reporting” households

What is a “change-reporting” household?

In contrast to the semi-annual reporting (SAR) requirements applicable to most CalFresh households, “change-reporting” households have their allotments amount determined on a “flow” basis. Change-reporting households are those in which household members are:

[MPP § 63-505.21; 7 C.F.R. § 273.12(4)(i).]

Change-reporting households are not required to submit semi-annual income reports. Instead, they are required to report only certain changes. The changes required to be reported are:

  • The source and amount of gross income of more than $25;
  • Addition or loss of a household member;
  • Address changes;
  • Shelter costs, exceeding the resource limit; and
  • A change in child support payments made to a non household member.

[MPP § 63-505.51; 7 C.F.R. § 273.12(a).]

Change-reporting households must report these changes within 10 days from the date of a change. The report can be made in writing, verbally or in person. [MPP § 63-505.52]

The county prospectively budgets change-reporting household income, based on actual changes reported (or those changes anticipated during application and recertification). [MPP § 63-503.15; see also MPP § 63-504.4 (when the changes take effect).] Generally, the county should change the allotment, whether up or down, by the month following the month of the change report. Decreases must be proceeded by a proper 10-day notice. [MPP § 63-504.423.]