Maximum CalFresh deductions

The U.S. Department of Agriculture every year updates the maximum allotments, deductions and income eligibility standards at the beginning of each Federal Fiscal Year (FFY), which runs from October 1 through September 30 of each year.

For California-specific rules applicable to CalFresh (SNAP) program allotments, deductions and income limits, see the most recent All County Letter detailing current “cost-of-living” (COLA) adjustments in the California program, usually published each year in August or September.

The following are the maximum deductions effective from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020:

Type of Deduction Amount in California
Earned Income 20% of earnings
Standard $ 167 (1-3 person household)
$ 178 (4 person household)
$ 209 (5 person household)
$ 240 (6 or more person household
Medical (elderly/disabled only) Costs over $ 35
Dependent Care – actual costs No maximum
Standard Utility Allowance
Limited Utility Allowance
Telephone Utility Allowance
$ 432 per household
$ 135 per household
$ 18 per household
Shelter Deduction Maximum (no cap for seniors/disabled) $ 569 per household
Homeless Shelter Deduction – must incur some shelter expense during the month $ 152.06 per household