Restoration of CalFresh benefits after curing the basis for termination

Households discontinued from the CalFresh program can have their eligibility restored on a pro-rata basis within the month following termination, without the need for a new application or an interview, if the household resolves the reasons for the discontinuance in that month. [ACL 10-32.] This restoration of benefits is based on a federal waiver that has been extended to June 30, 2027.  [ACL 21-51; ACL 20-80; ACL 18-96.]  If the household is restored instead of filing a new application, the county welfare department will reinstate eligibility and pro-rate benefits from the date the household resolves the discontinuance. Good cause provisions still apply, and households with good cause will have the termination rescinded and full aid issued. [See MPP § 63-508.64 see also ACL 12-35 (restoration of CalFresh benefits for non-assistance households without requiring new application or interview).]

The conditions for the waiver are:

  • The household’s case must be in closed status;
  • Reinstatement depends on the applicant providing the required report, information, or verification within 30 days of the date of ineligibility;
  • The household has at least one month remaining in the certification period after the effective date of ineligibility;
  • The household must fully resolve the reason for the case closure and reestablish eligibility;
  • The household must still be eligible for benefits for the remaining months of the reinstatement period;
  • Benefits for the initial month of reinstatement must be prorated from the date household performed the required action; and
  • The county must retain the established recertification period.

Within the month following termination, the household will need to provide the necessary documentation and verification or satisfy any other condition of eligibility that prompted the termination prior to the county’s taking any action. Before restoring benefits, the household must meet all other eligibility conditions.

This waiver does not change CalFresh information and verification requirements.  If a household is granted restoration of benefits, the county must send the CF 388 CalFresh Notice of Restoration Approval notice.  If restoration is denied, the county must send the CF 389 Notice of Denial of Restoration notice.  [ACL 22-51.]