Overview of applicant budgeting rules

For both the gross and net income tests, the county will budget the income already received by the applicant household during the month of application. If there are additional months in the current semi-annual reporting (SAR) period, any “reasonably anticipated” income for that same time period will be also budgeted.

For migrant and seasonal farm workers whose source of income has terminated, however, only the income for the month of application is considered. [MPP §§ 63-503.242(c), 63-503.43; 7 C.F.R. § 273.10(e)(3).] Note that as of January 1, 2017, there are no longer CalFresh “Change-reporting” households in California.

The county will deny the applications of semi-annual reporting households whose anticipated averaged income makes the household ineligible, unless the household is categorically eligible based on receipt of cash assistance. [MPP § 63-503.327(b).]

A household’s benefit level for the initial month of certification is pro-rated from the date the county received the application. [MPP § 63-502.13; 7 C.F.R. § 273.10(a)(ii).] If the county processed the application beyond the 30 days due to the household’s fault, the benefits are pro-rated from the date the household completed the required action. Migrant and seasonal farm workers that have a break in participation of 30 days or less get benefits for the whole month, without pro-ration. [MPP § 63-502.13.]